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Carpets deserve special attention when cleaning because they are exposed to the most traffic and accumulate dust easily. If not taken care of, this dust could trigger allergies of people in your home. That’s why it’s best advised to hire expert cleaners to clean your carpets at least twice a year. A professional service like Disinfection Cleaning Service Pros will sweep and vacuum your carpets to ensure that they are dust-free completely.

Extend Your Carpets Lifespan

When a professional sanitation company cleans your rug, you can be sure they’ll remove the accumulated dust and dirt. If this practice is carried out as thoroughly as possible more than once in a year, then the carpet will last long. These allergens and debris damage the fibers of the rug and regular vacuuming is a way to protect them properly.

Carpet Stains Removal

When expert carpet cleaners want to get rid of stubborn stains of the rug, they make use of steam-cleaning methods. They do this instead of using harsh chemicals to preserve the integrity of the carpet while getting the stains out quickly. Besides, this method handles any issue with carpet odor or stains left by pets that prove difficult to remove.

Improve Air Quality In Your Rooms

When dust builds up in your carpet over time, the quality of air in the rooms will decline. They may even trigger allergies and put the health of your home’s residents at risk. By regularly vacuuming your carpet, you’ll considerably improve the quality of air in the living space.

Carpet Disinfection

While it’s much cheaper to vacuum your carpet by yourself than to outsource to a carpet cleaning service, a vacuum will only get rid of surface dust. The carpet fibers are thick an absorb a large amount of dust and germs depending on the traffic of the room. The germs and bacteria embedded within the fibers will remain until an expert service disinfects the carpet. The bacteria in the carpet can also create odors and cause breathing difficulty for asthmatic or allergic patients. It’s important to hire a professional service to thoroughly clean the carpet more than once every year.


Carpet cleaning services are usually priced by square footage as well as the number of rooms. Experts also consider the soil level. If you need a professional carpet cleaning for any size of space, you can reach out to Disinfection Service Pros and get a quote today.

Our Methods

Our company has an in-house team of experts who are trained to carefully clean out your carpet with high-grade methods and technology. You can be sure of dust and dirt-free rug when you hire us to clean it. Our crew of professionals uses the expertise in deciding the best-suited solutions for preserving the fiber of your carpets and extend their lifespan. Feel free to reach out to us today and speak with one of our customer service agents. We offer free consultation and quotes on any task you have for us here in San Francisco, CA.

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