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What if I told you that your business place can be made into a more attractive and productive place without you having to lift a finger? That’s what a commercial cleaning service can do for you. A clean working environment is undeniably a key ingredient in keeping your employees healthy and motivated. If your company is in San Francisco, CA, then allow me to introduce you to the east bay’s top commercial cleaning service. Disinfection Service Pros is a team of experts who use high-grade materials and solutions to keep your business area tidy. 

Create A Solid First Impression

When people visit business places for the first time, they usually form an impression that lasts the longest. A dirty and untidy workplace will definitely irritate prospective customers and high-paying clients and inhibit them from doing business with you. With the knowledge that your customers are always judging your company based on its cleanliness, you pass the message that your business is a reputable one worth knowing. By hiring a sanitation service, you can relax knowing that your company always makes the best first impression on prospects.

Save Money

If you plan on carrying out all your cleaning tasks by yourself, then you’ll be incurring avoidable costs to get the materials needed for the job. Most reputable cleaning companies offer several packages to serve different budget sizes. In the long run, hiring a commercial sanitation service saves your business money. This also frees up time for your company to focus on the tasks that you specialize in, which actually makes you money. Also, outsourcing your cleaning frees up storage space otherwise used for keeping cleaning tools and materials.

Motivate Your Workers

You’d be surprised by how easily defeated and unproductive employees can get when the workplace looks like a mess. A clean and tidy office is the surest way to boost team morale among your workers. Your employees can even feel free about showing off their workplace in selfies or photos that they post on social media.

Health Benefits

A germ-free workplace means that you’ll be having fewer cases of sick employees. This is especially true with the restrooms where harmful micro-organisms can easily be transmitted from one person to another if the surfaces are not regularly disinfected. A reputable sanitation company like Disinfection Service Pros will carry out thorough disinfection of your restrooms and office surfaces who you hire them. Also, the dust build-up in carpet, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and furniture can trigger allergies of some of your workers. Asides dust, some workers may carry some allergens from home to work and put others at risk. Regular cleaning of these areas will limit the exposure of your workers to the illness-causing conditions.

Our Company

Disinfection Service Pros offers the most reliable commercial sanitation service in the east bay. Our reputation as the premier cleaning company comes from years of consistently delivering high-quality services to our clients. You can reach out to us today to learn more about our services and their affordable rates.

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