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It’s probably been never been more important than now to have your home sanitized properly. You should carry out regular cleaning and disinfection to get rid of the germs and other harmful micro-organisms all the surfaces in your home. To ensure the job is carried out thoroughly, you can hire a professional deep cleaning service in San Francisco, CA. A reputable company like Disinfection Service Pros will use high-grade solutions and techniques to keep your surrounding germ and dust-free. We use industry-standard deep cleaning methods to wipe out crevices and keep all the surfaces sparkling.

Deep Cleaning For Restrooms

By hiring a deep cleaning service for your bathroom or toilet, the experts will be sure to use state of the art techniques to keep surfaces disinfected. They’ll remove any cobweb from the corners of your restrooms and remove accumulated dust from light fixtures. The professionals will also disinfect your bathroom cabinets by thoroughly wiping with appropriate solutions. The baseboards will also be taken care of during the deep cleaning service.


The kitchen is your food is made, and it deserves occasional deep cleaning to protect you and your family from health risks. When you hire experts to deep-clean your kitchen, they’ll wipe out your microwave’s interior and exterior. All the grease and accumulated food crumbs will be cleaned off. The same treatment will be given to all your small appliances like toasters and coffee makers. The professional service will also clean out the stove and get rid of food buildup that may get trapped in the crevices. With a deep cleaning service, your trash will be scrub inside and out to get rid of grime and dirt. Just like with your bathrooms and toilet, the baseboards in your kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned too

Living Room / Bedroom

The furniture and ceiling fans in your living room or bedroom are key areas for dust accumulation, as well as the light fixtures. An expert deep cleaning service will ensure these areas are free of dirt and dust. They’ll also clean doors, ledges and window sills to get rid of grime that may have built up over time. The deep cleaning process will ideally entail vacuuming the floor to get the dust out of the cracks and crevices. The carpet in your home will be cleaned and vacuumed properly all the way to stairs if you have any. A reliable cleaning company will also wipe the baseboards and polish the banisters.

Our Deep Cleaning Services

Disinfection Service Pros is a team of passionate experts who are dedicated to high-quality cleaning jobs for all our clients in San Francisco, CA. We use only proven techniques and solutions best-suited for the surfaces in your home. When you hire our crew to deep-clean your house, we take our time to reach all the corners and crevices that can accumulate grime and dust over time. You can reach out to us today and speak with one of our customer service agents. They’ll give you more information on how we can specifically serve you.

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